A New Study Shows an Explosive Growth In Roleplaying Games


There is big news coming from ICv2. According to a new study, there has been explosive growth in new players, and sales in RPGs. When it comes right down to it in the hobby game business, Roleplaying Games are the heart and soul of that business!

Ever since the introduction of Wizard of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons 5E in 2014, there has been a steady string of growth already beginning to expand. The phenomenon has begun to spread as players introduced to the hobby by D&D expand their horizons and try new games.

A Hobby Distributor spoke to ICv2’s Milton Griepp, having this to say about the recent growth in RPG Games:

RPGs are the story of the year so far, D&D’s king by leaps and bounds, don’t get me wrong, but the number of RPGs that were [significant contributors to] sales was 40 different brands.”

The main game of D&D from Wizards of the Coast is still reigning supreme at No. 1 in the Top RPGs in Spring, and other products built on the 5E engine are grouped at #3. Meanwhile, Paizo’s RPG game, Pathfinder, keeps holding down the line at No. 2, thanks to its longtime player base.

The new line of RPGs from Hasbro‘s Renegade Games Studios was a new addition to the Top Five, it is even selling well with games such as G.I. Joe RPG (No.4) and Power Rangers RPG (No.5). There’s a wide range of titles, some on this chart of ten and others, that generated major sales in 2022.

ICv2 also has an up-to-date chart for the following categories for Spring 2022:

Source: ICv2

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