Everyone’s Favorite Spider-Demon Angel Dust has a Brand New Redesign for the upcoming TV Series, Hazbin Hotel


Fans of Vivienne Medrano’s Animated Web Series Pilot, Hazbin Hotel, have been waiting eagerly for the release of Angel Dust’s new look, but they shared a sense of fear and excitement when the day finally came. The first design reveal was revealed back in February, it was the Princess of Hell, Charlie Morningstar. Last month, it was the Radio Demon, Alastor.

The story behind Hazbin Hotel centers around Charlie Morningstar (Originally named Charlie Magne), who is the¬†Princess of Hell. Her dream is to open the ‚ÄėHappy Hotel,‚Äė a place where demons and sinners can be rehabilitated as a safe alternative. The other solution for Hell’s population problem was extermination. The first patient for her new project was Angel Dust, an Adult Star who wasn’t a stranger to sin.

He promised to get clean in exchange for free lodging. But the plan goes wrong when he and his friend, Cherry Bomb get themselves in a turf war with Sir Pentious ended up being broadcast in the middle of Charlie’s public announcement for her new project.


In August 2020, A24 confirmed that it picked up a series order for VivziePop’s Black Comedy/Musical Web Series, Hazbin Hotel. Meanwhile, the Spin-Off Series Helluva Boss has picked up a second season and streams on VivziePop’s Personal YouTube Channel. The bio for the Official Hazbin Hotel Twitter Page was also updated to reflect the involvement of both A24 and animation studio Bento Box Entertainment.

Source: Hazbin Hotel’s Official Twitter Account

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