The Radio Demon, Alastor Has Graced Fans With His Presence In The Newest Character Design Reveal For Hazbin Hotel


On March 10th, fans were on the edge of their seats on the latest tease from Hazbin Hotel creator, Vivienne Medrano. The next character to be revealed was none other than the Radio Demon, Alastor!

The first design reveal was revealed back in February, it was the Princess of Hell, Lucifer’s daughter, Charlie Morningstar. Meanwhile, there haven’t been any other details revealed yet on a release date, episode length, or cast list.


In August 2020, A24 confirmed that it picked up a series order for VivziePop’s Black Comedy/Musical Web Series, Hazbin Hotel. Meanwhile, the Spin-Off Series Helluva Boss has picked up a second season and streams on VivziePop’s Personal YouTube Channel. The bio for the Official Hazbin Hotel Twitter Page was also updated to reflect the involvement of both A24 and animation studio Bento Box Entertainment.

Source: Official Hazbin Hotel Twitter

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