Nintendo of America hit with Labor Complaint


Nintendo was one of the companies that, at least publicly, has largely avoided any of the scandals that have affected the Gaming Industry, but that could change according to a new report from Stephen Totilo of Axios Gaming.

According to the new report, an unnamed worker has alleged that Nintendo, and a firm the company uses to hire contractors, violated their legally protected right to unionize, according to a new filing with the National Labor Relations Board. The Complaint was filed on Friday.

The Allegations state that Nintendo of America and the global hiring firm Aston Carter engaged in “concerted activities” and made “coercive actions” against a worker, interfering with their legally protected right to organize.

The exact claims of what happened are unclear at this time. The publicly posted docket for the complaint lists broad charges but doesn’t describe what is said to have occurred.


Workers’ Rights have been a hot topic issue in the video game industry. For example, employees at Activision Blizzard have taken steps to unionize following the harassment and discrimination lawsuits, which have put the workplace in a Gaming Industry in the spotlight since 2021.

Source: Axios Gaming, Nintendo Life

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