Kingdom Hearts IV and Missing-Link revealed in 20th Anniversary Trailer


It was a momentous event, Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts‘ 20th Anniversary Event was underway, and the Video Game Company teased two new games that are currently in development.

The footage that was shown at the event gives us an art style that we have seen in previous games but with a different element introduced, and that is the realistic element. In the trailer, we see Sora in the Quadratum World, a large sprawling city that was modeled after the Real-Life Shibuya. Sora now embarks on a new storyline called ‘Lost Master Arc’ and is seen with his keyblade preparing to attack a large enemy.


Sora’s friends Donald and Goofy make their return too, along with the mysterious black-hooded figures coming back. Strelitzia from Kingdom Hearts Union X, where she was a Union leader after the First Keyblade War, makes her first appearance in a mainline game. Please keep in mind, however, that there hasn’t been any mention of a release window, or platform reveals at this time.

Next up is Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link, a new title that will be available for iOS and Android. Players will get their chance to journey through various places from Scala ad Caelum and even into the real world. It’ll feature a new, original story, and a beta test will occur sometime this year.

Source: Press Release

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