Sakamoto Days Volume One: A Story packed with Action and Humor, One of the Best Shonen Titles Today

Sakamoto Days Vol. One Cover

Before we begin this review, I would like to thank Viz Media and Net Galley for this opportunity.

Our newest manga review finds us working at a convenience store with a retired hitman, (WAIT, WHAT?) Yuto Suzuki’s Sakamoto Days is a story about a Legendary Hitman who fell in love and left the underworld to have a family. But, a Clairvoyant hitman named Shin interrupts Sakamoto’s peaceful life with an offer he can’t refuse, return to the underworld or die!

When I first heard about this series, I was skeptical to read it, but after reading the first volume, I could see why people recommend this title. Sakamoto Days have a great balance of action and comedy, whether it is taking care of the store, fighting criminals, or following his wife’s “No Killing Policy” which was perfectly explained in a flashback.

Imagine, you’re a Revered Hitman, but then you fall in love so hard that it cracks your glasses, he was a legend feared by bad guys and renowned in his organization, and among other assassins, he left it all for a family. He got married and had a baby and turned the dial on his life down to one. He’s now living the quiet life as the owner of a neighborhood store and eating way too much ramen. Sakamoto is a fun character, Suzuki did a great job on the story and the art was stellar, with great action sequences and plenty of humorous moments.

To be honest, even though it has seven chapters, it could be easily divided into three parts. For example, the first part of the story explains how Sakamoto became a family man. The Second Act introduces Shin, which after failed attempts on Taro’s life brings him into the family while providing more information on Taro’s wife and the reason behind her “No Killing” Policy. Finally, the third act was about helping a woman named Xiaotan Lu escape the Triad.

Every Assassin they’ve come across has tried to either push Taro to kill or try to kill him, but this won’t get to him because, at the end of the day, he wouldn’t let this get to him. After all, he wanted to take his family and newfound family to a theme park.


Sakamoto Days is another manga title that can be a perfect jumping-on point for new fans. It is a wholesome story that is fast-paced with perfect comedic timing and inventive fights making it a series that one cannot skip out on. With new dangers lurking around every corner for his family & staff, Sakamoto is the hero that fans can relate to in some way and is needed.

Sakamoto Days Volume One will be available on April 5th, digitally and physically.

Final Grade:

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

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