Ultraman Decker Makes His Heroic Debut On July 9th!


It’s Now or Never… I Gotta Do it Now!

Tsuburaya Productions has announced a brand new television series, Ultraman Decker, which is set to premiere on TV Tokyo on July 9th. It is a story about a new hero Ultraman Decker who never gives up the fight, and the coming-of-age drama of the young adults in the newly-reformed expert team GUTS-Select as they grow together as a team, moving ever forwards to a future filled with hope.

Ultraman Decker Key Visual
Image Credit: Tsuburaya Productions

It follows last year’s popular series, Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, the new series Decker is set several years later in a time when humanity’s frontier spirit for exploring new worlds has pushed further them into space. The new hero Ultraman Decker is a Giant of Light who appears on Earth after a sudden attack by “Sphere,” a swarm of mysterious floating space objects. He imparts his light to Kanata Asumi, the newest member of GUTS-Select, newly reformed by the Terrestrial Peaceable Union (TPU). Searching for whatever awaits him when he pushes past his limits, Kanata uses Decker’s light to face up to his many enemies.


Playing the role of the protagonist Kanata is Hiroki Matsumoto, winner of the Junon Super Boy Contest in 2018. In his first leading role, he brings a fresh and endearing charm to the role of bright and kindhearted young Kanata, who goes above and beyond to tackle every task in his way. With the new transformation item “Ultra D Flasher in hand, he transforms into Ultraman Decker!

Here is a fun fact, this year is the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the Heisei-Era Series Ultraman Dyna was on the air, the second of the three beloved late 90s TDG Series (Ultraman TigaDyna, and Gaia), and its essence was brought into the new series.

The threat of monster attacks fades, and the Earth seems once again at peace. Humanity turns its eyes to the stars and heads to space, while its monster attack countermeasures continue to shrink.

It is in this new age when “Sphere,” an invading swarm of mysterious floating space objects, begins to attack Earth. Humanity loses contact with space and becomes a lone star. Their attack throws our hero Kanata Asumi’s peaceful life into chaos. Destruction spreads before his eyes and a giant monster appears. With no heed for his own safety, Kanata jumps in front of the enemy and transforms into Ultraman Decker.

“I gotta do it now!”

Having discovered the light of Decker within himself, Kanata pledges to protect humanity’s daily life and joins the expert team GUTS-Select, newly reformed as an Anti-Sphere squad. As its newest member, Kanata and his young unseasoned team stand against these great enemies, together.

Ultraman Decker will begin broadcasting on the TV Tokyo Network in Japan from July 9th, 2022! Every Thursday at 9 am JST.

For more information on the new series, head over to Tsuburaya Productions.

Source: Tsuburaya Productions

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