ODDTAXI: Into The Woods gets a New Key Visual and Trailer


It was one of the best series of 2021, ODDTAXI, had everything, drama, suspense, comedy, action, and of course, thrills. But when it was announced that there would be a movie coming to theaters in Japan on April 1st and eventually streamed on Crunchyroll? Fans rejoiced on Social Media.

If you aren’t familiar with the series, the show takes place in Tokyo, an asocial walrus named Odokawa, 41 years old, and holds a job as a Taxi Driver. His parents abandoned him when he was in Elementary School which made him act the way he does today. While conducting his job he holds conversations with other animal inhabitants but one day things begin to get strange when a high school girl goes missing, things begin to unravel around Odokawa as the Taxi Driver’s life and his customer’s lives are taken down into a path of Mystery and Acts of Violence when the question is asked “What happened to Yuki Mitsuya?

While there aren’t too many details about the movie yet, Tickets go on sale in Japan starting February 4, and bonus incentives include clear files that form the single key visual image when combined.

Japanese Trailer
English Subtitled Trailer
ODDTAXI: Into the Woods Visual
Image Credit: Crunchyroll

ODDTAXI aired as part of the Spring 2021 season on Japanese TV as an original TV anime, with the series streaming on Crunchyroll at the same time. The English Dub will be launching in February and the series has eleven nominations in this year’s Anime Awards which include Anime of the Year.

I’ll be honest with you, Miho Shirakawa was snubbed for Best Girl and Best Action Scene for saving Odokawa’s life, we owe Brazil and Capoeira an apology!

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