The End is Near for Peach Momoko’s ‘Demon Days’ with the Final Chapter, ‘Demon Days: Blood Feud’ #1


An announcement was made today, and it was about Marvel’s ‘Stormbreaker’ Artist Peach Momoko is bringing her Demon Days Saga to an end in March, with her newest tale titled ‘Demon Days: Blood Feud‘ which brings an end to this tale, or so it seems. If you recall in February, she first introduced us to this beautiful new take on the Marvel Universe by turning it into a traditional Japanese yōkai-style horror story, which tells tales of heroic samurai bewitched and enticed by demons. It was filled with reimagined heroes such as Thor, Wolverine, and Storm and not only bringing Momoko’s art style to life but it was a huge success.

Demon Days: Blood Feud Issue One Cover
Image Credit: Marvel

Mariko has reached the end of the road, she comes face to face with the one who has been hunting her: Ogin, a Silver-Clad Swordswoman who turns out to be her sister! (Somewhere I heard the sound of a Soap Opera Organ playing in the distance after this reveal) will she have to cross swords with her flesh and blood? Or will she have to fight Ogin’s Tall, Dark, and Gruesome Green Bodyguard? It’s a brand new take on the Silver Samurai, the stakes are high and the emotions are higher as the Yashida saga reaches its dramatic conclusion!

Also making its debut in March alongside Blood Feud will be Demon Days TPB, Containing all five DEMON DAYS one-shots—X-MENMARIKOCURSED WEB, RISING STORM, and BLOOD FEUD—this must-have collection will feature a brand-new cover by Peach Momoko.

Demon Days Treasury Edition TPB Cover
Image Credit: Marvel

This was my first time writing and painting a long-term story and honestly I was a bit scared! But in the end I feel very proud to be able to create five issues in the span of a year and a few months, I hope everyone reading DEMON DAYS sees my growth and experience leveling up in every issue. And I will continue to grow and hope one day to leave an important mark for everyone to see!

Peach Momoko

SOURCE: Marvel

Demon Days: X-Men Trailer

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