The Villains Make Their Presence Known In The Newest Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer


It’s the first time in Cinematic History, Peter Parker has been outed to the world as the friendly, neighborhood wall-crawler Spider-Man, and now, Parker is trying to pick up the pieces as he brings his superhero life into conflict with his personal life and causes everyone that he cares about to be in danger. He enlisted the help of Doctor Strange to help him restore his secret, but the spell tears a hole in their world, releasing the most powerful villains who’ve ever fought a Spider-Man in any universe. Now, Peter will have to overcome his greatest challenge yet, which will not only forever alter his future but the future of the Multiverse. The stakes couldn’t be higher as Peter dons a new, magical costume while he and Doctor Strange pull MJ and Ned into the action with what looks like dire consequences.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Poster 2
Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Source: Marvel Entertainment

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