Voice Actor, Chris Ayres has passed away at Age 56


It is unfortunate news that well-known voice actor, Christopher Ayres has passed away at the age of 56, actress Krystal LaPorte revealed the news on Twitter with an emotional post noting that Ayres passed away on October 18th surrounded by loved ones and family.

Chris loved you all, How much he loved other people filled the vast majority of our conversations. To those of you who truly loved him back, thank you. To those of you who stayed in touch, checked on him, reminded him that he was so, so much more than his job, you were the fuel of his fight. You fed the dreams of a future that kept him going longer than any normal person could go.”

Krystal LaPorte

Chris Ayres was best known for his roles such as the evil Frieza from the Dragon Ball Franchise, joining the Funimation Dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai, before becoming an anime voice actor he started acting at the age of six when he got older he would perform on and off-Broadway, he became a voice actor thanks to his brother Greg Ayres. Ayres was a mainstay at many U.S. anime conventions, hosting panels such as mock combat for cosplay. He also served as fight director for stage plays and taught stage combat panels at middle schools, high schools, and colleges according to Anime News Network. In 2017 however, he was diagnosed with End-Stage COPD (Cardio Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) which required a double lung transplant, a non-profit corporation called Anime Twin Cities Inc. Launched a fundraising campaign to help raise money for Ayres Medical Expenses. Since after his surgery, later on, he would be facing other daunting surgeries but he always assured fans that he made it out safely and that the surgery was successful.


Our Condolences go out to Krystal LaPorte, the Voice Acting Community, and The Ayres family during this difficult time. Thank you, Chris, for everything you’ve done for the fans, the Anime Fandom and Industry, and the world.

SOURCE: Comic Book, Anime News Network, Krystal LaPorte

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