Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man wins Best Manga at Harvey Awards, Rumiko Takahashi inducted in Hall of Fame

Chainsaw Man Volume 7 Cover

It was certainly a big night for the Manga Industry, while things were heating up during New York Comic-Con, it lead up to a monumental night at the 33rd Annual Harvey Awards.

With titles such as Asadora!, Boys Run the Riot, Remina, and SpyxFamily, it was Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Devil Hunting Chainsaw Man that took home its very first Harvey Award for Best Manga. Fujimoto provided a statement regarding the Award, sharing his excitement:

Thank you for the insanely awesome award! It’s the best award of any awards that exist in America! I consider this crude manga of mine unbefitting of any award, but I plan to continue packing it full of all the things that I love.

If you ever happen to be handing out awards again, hit me up! Thank you very much!

Tatsuki Fujimoto


Meanwhile, mangaka Rumiko Takahashi was inducted into the Harvey Awards Hall of Fame, joining Bernie Wrightson, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Barry Windsor-Smith, and Michael Kaluta. Rumiko Takahashi provided a statement:

Thank you so much for this wonderful award. I am so honored the American readers have enjoyed my work. Through the medium of manga, I am so happy I am able to communicate with all of you. The world is in hardship due to COVID, but I hope my manga can provide some support.”

Rumiko Takahashi

The Harvey Awards added the Best Manga Category in 2018, its first winner was Kabi Nagata‘s My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness, in 2019 it would be Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia, and in 2020 it was Kamome Shirahama’s Witch Hat Atelier.

News Source: Anime News Network

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