Baki prepares to fight Biscuit Olivia in the Newest Trailer for Baki: Son of Ogre


He is the strongest man in the United States who works for the Arizona State Prison considered to be a Special Jailer and an Assassin for the US Government. His name? Biscuit Olivia, and soon he’ll be facing the newest prisoner in Arizona State Prison, the Son of Ogre, Baki Hanma.

Image Credit: Netflix

Four days ago, Netflix Japan announced that the newest season of the Baki Anime would be premiering in September, now it has been confirmed in a brand new trailer that the new season will be premiering on September 30th, 2021. In addition to the release date, there will be twelve episodes for this season, along with four new characters that have also been announced, here are the new characters that will be appearing this season:

Lips, Tounge, Teeth- Baki Son of Ogre

Lips, Teeth, Tounge– Kouichi Yamadera

Bob McCarthy-Baki Son of Ogre

Bob McCarthy– Masashi Ebara

Jun Guevara- Baki Son of Ogre

Jun GuevaraKenji Nojima

Iron Michael- Baki Son of Ogre

Iron Michael Yasuhiro Mamiya


With GRANRODEO performing the Opening theme “Treasure Pleasure” (the Single will be released on October 13th, 2021,) the band GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE will be performing the Ending theme “Unchained World!”


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