Things are about to pick up for Netflix’s new Live-Action Series adapted from Hajime Yatate’s Space Western and Neo-Noir Manga, Cowboy Bebop. Four days ago, Netflix unveiled several First-Look Images of the new Cowboy Bebop Series that is set to premiere on November 19th, now, Titans Publishing Group has confirmed that there will be a brand new novel and comic book series.

Cowboy Bebop Issue One Cover
Image Credit: Titan Comics

Scheduled for a December Release, the Cowboy Bebop Series will focus around the bounty hunter crew as they chase down an ex-gang member who possesses a vest that gives them “Unlimited Luck.” The four-issue series will be written by Dan Watters and drawn by Lamar Mathurin, the first cover, drawn by Stanley “Art Germ” Lau.


Titan also announced plans for a Prose Novel set around Spike’s time with the Syndicate, before he became a Bounty Hunter. It will also be focusing on his adventures with a young Vicious, shedding light on how he became a Lone Cowboy that wandered the stars. The Novel will be written by Staff-Writer, Sean Cummings titled “Cowboy Bebop: A Syndicate Story: Red Planet Requiem” which will be released a few days after the Series Debut on Netflix, debuting on November 23rd. A Companion Book has also been confirmed to be released in January 2022, the Four-Issue Comic Series set to be collected in a TPB (Trade Paperback) in May 2022.

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