Chainsaw Man’s Ryu Nakayama looking for New Animators To Train At Mappa, offering full benefits

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Yesterday, Director Ryu Nakayama took to Fanbox to announce that the animation studio Mappa is currently searching for new animators to join the Chainsaw Man Team and will train them. The posting reveals that this is a Contract Position with room to become a full-time employee which includes full benefits and a Monthly Salary.

Nakayama explained in the blog post that he is currently working as a Freelancer working with MAPPA and he’s working with the producers to train up new animators to cultivate new talent to work inside his team for a long time, which shows in the employment outline at the end of the article.

There isn’t a specific number of animators they are currently looking for in the trainee area, which will be welcoming people who are graduating in April and mid-career to apply. They will have to have to live in Japan and travel to the new Ogikubo Studio where the new Chainsaw Man Anime is being produced. Nakayama’s requirement? For the new staff members to be able to produce layouts and animation like the Chainsaw Man teaser trailer by the end of their two years.


The Salary is around 230,543 yen (US$2,102) with yearly raises in July that is based on performance, another bonus in March that depends on how the business is going. As for days off, animators are allowed to get two days off a week as well as Public Holidays, Obon, and Year-End. For more of a detailed breakdown on Animator Salaries, Crunchyroll’s Daryl Harding breaks down the Salaries offered by companies such as Toei Animation, Kyoto Animation, and Studio Ghibli. As for contracts, it is for two years, with a trial period of two months. After two years, based on performance and such, the trainee can become a full-time employee. The difference between a contract employee and a full-time employee in Japan means that the full-time employee has a forever contract, making it very difficult for the business to fire them.

At the time, applications are only available for people living in Japan. Nakayama does mention that animators from overseas are welcome to email him their portfolio to work as freelancers on Chainsaw Man. CLIP STUDIO PAINT will be the main software used, with Blender and Adobe Animate used for action sequences.

Those who wish to apply can do so by submitting their resume to The application should include a portfolio, as well as a Twitter ID.

Source: Crunchyroll, Fan Box

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