Komi Can’t Communicate picks up an October Release Date and more.

Komi Can't Communicate! Promotion

Okay, so the quest for 100 Friends hit a bit of a snag but fear not, we have some good news! The Official Website for Tomohito Oda’s Komi Can’t Communicate revealed the newest release date, the artist performing the ending theme, and so much more.. Let’s look at what we’re expecting:

It will premiere on Wednesday, October 6th on TV Tokyo, midnight (effectively, October 7th). The J-Pop Group Kitri will be performing the ED Song “Hikareinochi”. This series tells the tale of a timid boy named Tadano who is a wallflower, living life the way he wants to, then one day, everything changes when he meets the Legendary Komi on his first day of High School. But he finds himself alone in a classroom with Komi, he learns that she isn’t aloof, but super awkward! With a new quest, Tadano will help Komi make 100 friends!

The Manga is currently available to read from Viz Media, Komi Can’t Communicate was part of a survey by AnimeJapan in 2020, taking the No. 1 Spot in The Most Wanted Anime Adaption.

Komi Can't Communicate Second Visual
Image Credit: Crunchyroll

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