Tatsuki Fujimoto’s ‘Look Back’ One-Shot reaches over 4 Million in Two Days


Tatsuki Fujimoto’s newest One-Shot Story ‘Look Back‘ is one of the most emotional stories fans have read recently, a love letter to the Manga Industry and was released on the Second Anniversary of the Kyoto Animation Arson Incident, in which 36 people tragically lost their lives. What begins as a tale about two friends who strive to become Manga Artists, also is a tale of tragedy, in this sorrowful elegy. It also looks to be Shonen Jump Plus’s Most Popular One-Shot in its history, reaching over 4 million reads on the digital manga platform in just two days in Japan. Shueisha’s Manga Editor for Chainsaw Man, Spy X Family, Shihei Lin took to Twitter to thank the fans for their support and express his gratitude.


Look Back was released on Monday Morning on Shueisha’s Digital Manga Platform Shonen Jump Plus, and reached a record 2.5 million reads on the first day, with it releasing on Viz Media’s Shonen Jump platform in English at the same time (though due to time zones, was a Sunday) as well as Manga Plus in international territories. The one-shot will be released as a physical manga volume on September 3rd in Japan after it leaves the free section Jump+ in a month.

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