Devil’s Candy Volume One

Devil's Candy Volume One Cover

Time again for a brand new Manga Review, this time we’ll be looking at another Viz Media title called Devil’s Candy. Written by Bikkuri and illustrated by REM, tells the tale of a Science Wiz named Kazu Decker from Hemlock Academy who decided to show off his skills by creating a humanoid girl named Pandora. Now, when you live in a world of Monsters that are filled with mayhem and violence, balancing school work is quite a challenge but with Pandora’s stoic nature and seemingly limitless strength, paired with Kazu’s luck, knowledge, and friends, get them out of trouble almost as often as it gets them mixed up in it!

The interesting fact before we continue this review for those who aren’t familiar with this series, it is based on the Webcomic Series and is part of the Viz Originals Line, a new imprint dedicated to publishing original graphic novels developed by manga-inspired creators. This is the second book I have had the pleasure to review, the first time was World Piece.

This series has a rare charm and a gothic atmosphere that transfers us into an Halloweenesque world that has a great cast of characters that are inspired by horror lore from an era of Mad Scientists and combines it with action-packed adventures you would find in a Saturday Morning Cartoon, a brief hint of nostalgia with a great combination of Humor and wacky ideas. I felt that this was a nod to a classic manga series, Atsushi Ōkubo’s Soul Eater, while it was in a Dark Fantasy setup it still had gothic tones that fans compared to Tim Burton’s Nightmare on Christmas (but with fan service). Devil’s Candy has what it takes for a great story, it may be fast-paced but the action sequences keep it grounded enough where fans can follow the story, not to mention how well it translated from being a webcomic onto the Manga Page.


The Artwork in this volume is one of the things that will catch the reader’s eye, as mentioned earlier they are inspired by horror lore and it works so well for what kind of story that REM and Bikkuri are trying to tell. I wasn’t familiar with this series or Creative Team but the way these characters are drawn and how they were written caught my eye in an instant. Also, it offers readers fun bite-sized notes that help them understand the world that Kazu and Pandora are in. One thing I would like to point out that Hemlock Heart Academy is a school that welcomes all devils, something that would serve as a source of interesting characters and engaging storylines in future stories down the line.

Thanks to Viz Media for letting me have the chance to review this title.

Final Grade:

Rating: 6.5 out of 10.

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