World Piece Volume One

World Piece Volume One Cover

Before we begin, I would like to thank Viz Media for the opportunity for giving me a chance to review this brand new series. The story we’re going to be looking at is the first volume of World Piece, written by the Eisner Nominated writer, Josh Tierney and Illustrated by Agroshka.

In this Sci-Fi Adventure, we meet a 16-year-old boy named Lucas Densen, an advantageous, easygoing Basketball Player who earned his reputation through hard work and determination. Life was smooth sailing until one day, an alien artifact shrinks everything and the world into a palm-sized sphere, he finds himself on a new quest, to save the world and get it back to normal!

It is an interesting concept that they have brought us, the protagonist is taken on an Archaeological Dig and the next moment being transported to another world thanks to an Alien Artifact. Lucas finds himself on an planet called Affin, then realizing that some of the residents have been stealing and eating other planets which will make Lucas’s job even harder! The pacing of the story is a tad slow at first but helps keep the reader intrigued, it has that Shonen feel to it, and it works well for what Josh is trying to tell.


While this is catered to a Young Adult Audience I think that it is a good fit for readers who enjoy a good Fantasy, Sci-Fi Story. World Piece is part of the Viz Originals Line, a new imprint dedicated to publishing original graphic novels developed by manga-inspired creators. It’s different from what you’re normally reading but that’s not a bad thing I swear! The artwork in this story is great, the character designs stand out, and the detail on the weapons and robots, etc. It’s not the first time this duo has worked together, she did a collaboration with Josh on the High School Mystery Webcomic series Warm Blood, this is her first time working in a Graphic Novel Series and this was a solid good start, I’m looking forward to what Lucas and his friends do next.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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