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With E3 around the corner, it is Netflix that’s prepping fans up with new updates and announcements for their streaming service. It is Geeked Week! A five-day Virtual Fan Event that gives fans first looks and a chance to celebrate all things genre entertainment at Netflix, is just around the corner. The free five-day event runs June 7-11 across all your favorite platforms, giving fans a wide array of exclusive news, new trailers, celebrity appearances, and more. And we’ll be looking at several of the biggest announcements, also, Netflix has a recap if you missed the event, click here to check it out.


Adapted from the novel by Leigh Bardugo, Netflix announced that the Fantasy Live-Action Series known as Shadow and Bone will be picking up a brand new second season, the first season premiered on April 21, 2021, adapting Shadow and Bone and an original storyline featuring the Crows, while the first season consisted of eight episodes, the second season will follow the same pattern.

Sweet Girl Teaser
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Next up, Jason Mamoa’s newest Action Film, Sweet Girl. About a devastated husband who vows to bring justice to the people responsible for his wife’s death while protecting the only family he has left, his daughter (Isabela Merced). This coming three days before the announcement of his other film, the sequel to Aquaman titled The Lost Kingdom.


To be honest, I wasn’t sure what category to put this under since it’s an adaption of an anime, anyway one of the biggest announcements was Yoko Kanno, the composer behind the iconic soundtrack of the anime series, Cowboy Bebop. He will be creating a soundtrack for the Live-Action adaption of Cowboy Bebop, which the series is set to premiere this fall.

One of the newest series fans have been looking forward to the most is Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, it is the first-ever screen adaption of the DC Comic Series, during the Geeked Week Presentation Neil Gaiman gave the fans an exclusive sneak peek of The Sandman, the series set to arrive sometime in 2021.


In this exclusive clip for Season Two’s The Witcher, lies a hidden message, the second season is set to premiere in 2021. Another thing fans can look forward to is the newest announcement regarding the very first WITCHERCON. That’s right gang, Netflix is teaming up with CD PROJEKT RED to bring you the very first WitcherCon, coming your way July 9th! More info will be coming soon.

Another hot item during the Geeked Week line-up was the announcement of the new cast of the Live-Action adaption for Capcom’s Resident Evil Series. Lance Riddick will be taking on the role of Albert Wesker while being joined by Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph, Paola Nunez. According to Netflix, thanks to IGN’s Taylor Lyles for pointing this out, the synopsis is “nearly three decades after the discovery of the T-virus, an outbreak reveals the Umbrella Corporation’s dark secrets.”


I HAVE THE POWER!” Something a lot of us screamed when we watched the classic He-Man Series, Kevin Smith surprised the Geeked Week Streaming Cast when he made his appearance with a New Teaser Trailer for the series based on the beloved toy-line from Mattel and the Cult Classic TV Series. Masters of the Universe: Revelation’s Animation is produced by Powerhouse Animation Studio, known for its past works Blood of Zeus and Castlevania. The first part is slated to air on July 23rd.

Zack Snyder has another brand new project with Netflix coming up, this time an animated series set around Norse Mythology titles Twilight of the Gods. The studio that will be handling the animation production is Digital Dimension.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway, This film was originally delayed three different times due to COVID-19 and the Extended State of Emergency that Japan was part of, now it has been picked up by Netflix for a July 1st release date, according to Anime News Network.

Another anime that US fans have been waiting for is Shaman King, the anime premiered in April and is still ongoing, it will have 52 episodes. Netflix has confirmed that it will be premiering in the US. On August 9th. It will adapt all 35 volumes of the manga’s new complete edition, which Kodansha started publishing in print volumes in Japan last June. The first anime adaptation of Hiroyuki Takei’s manga premiered in 2001.

Another anime that made its debut in April over in Japan, creator of Fairy Tail and based on the Japanese science fiction manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima called Edens Zero, set to debut on August 26th


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