Resident Evil Village


*Warning for those who haven’t played the Video Game yet, this review will have MASSIVE SPOILERS, if you haven’t played this then I kindly suggest you wait to read this review.*

Resident Evil Village-Deluxe Edition Cover

After months of hype and an adorably creepy puppet show (If you haven’t watched it then I recommend you to do so now! Possibly In the eyes of Donna Beneviento, the mischievous doll-maker!) We get to play Capcom’s newest chapter in the Resident Evil Franchise, Resident Evil Village.

After the events of Resident Evil 7, Ethan and his family are relocated to Eastern Europe, What starts as a lovely quiet evening with The Winters turns into tragedy as Chris Redfield and the BSAA’s Elite Hound Wolf Squad storm in and murders Mia without giving Ethan an explanation. Ethan and Rose are then sent into the night where they are attacked by a mysterious threat and he gets separated from his daughter and the BSAA, where he goes into a village where there is more to it than it seems. He then finds himself getting attacked by Lycans and soon meeting the one who attacked the BSAA Team, the Cult Leader known to her “followers” as Mother Miranda and the other house lords Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, the vampiric countess of The Castle Dimitrescu; Donna Beneviento, the puppeteer who controls a doll named Angie and lives in House Beneviento; Salvatore Moreau, a heavily mutated fish-like hunchback who is the owner of Moreau’s Reservoir; and Karl Heisenberg, the man who captured Ethan and owner of Heisenberg’s Factory where he has been running inhumane projects inside, some consider them Frankenstein-Like. Ethan now has a new mission, to save his daughter and defeat Miranda and the House Lords.

What works so well for this new game is that it brings the elements that worked well for Resident Evil 4 and the more, modern approach for the action elements introduced in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, making it more of a combat-heavy continuation of Ethan Winters story. It was an interesting concept for them to go into an old territory that hasn’t been approached except in Konami’s Castlevania Franchise, Monsters. Yes, I’m aware Zombies are in that criteria but having released two new remakes of classic games would eventually bring on a feeling of dread for the player, one that isn’t related to playing in Survival Horror, but the “Another Zombie Shooter?” Type of dread. This required fans to think fast, to stay one step ahead, and messed with their senses, something that horror games have been lacking for quite some time, like Hollywood Horror Films it began to become predictable, rely too much on gore and shock value but the Creative Team for Resident Evil brought their A-Game and for that, this gamer thanks you.

Lady Dimitrescu- Resident Evil Village
Image Credit: Capcom

I was impressed by the eye for detail in this game, take for example the haunting despair of the village, infested in Lycans, and a sense of a town that was lost in time and Castle Dimitrescu, a castle with golden trim and sadistic vampire-like women who have grown quite a disturbing fan base recently, mostly awakening the horniest of fans which I’m not going to go into detail. One of my favorite battles had to have been when you venture to the House Beneviento, he unwittingly inhaled the pollen of Mold-infected flowers, allowing Donna to taunt him with hallucinations of Mia, Donna’s mutation also allows her to secrete a pheromone which controls plants infected by the Mold; she can induce hallucinations in those who have inhaled the pollen of the infected plants. By far this was one of the best battles in the game, having to be trapped in a basement where a grotesque monster that looked similar to an unborn child chased Ethan was one of the moments in-game where it messed with the fans the most, some stopped playing the game altogether due to how much it messed with their minds. As this review comes to a close, this had to have been one of the best survival horror games I’ve played in quite some time, Capcom and the RE Team did an amazing job on this game, and the RE Engine has vastly improved since its introduction in 2017.


Final Grade:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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