News Round-Up: Sonic Central Edition


It certainly has been an eventful week for the Blue Blur, first Roger Craig Smith gets his role as Sonic The Hedgehog back, and now the first Sonic Centric Game News Stream revealed several new items that have fans talking, Sonic Colors gets Remastered, Classic Sonic Games get a Compilation, and so much more! If you recall in June 2019, Sonic Team’s Takashi Iizuka teased at SXSW that 2021 would be Sonic’s Big Year, here is what we can expect for Sonic’s 30th Anniversary!

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is Announced

The 2010 Platformer is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (through Epic Games Store) on September 7th. Developed by Blind Squirrel Entertainment (the same company that brought you Mass Effect: Legendary Edition,) this update will touch up the Game’s Looks and Feel, plus introduce a brand new mode called Rival Rush.


Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps Animated Short

Roger Craig Smith joins the new Animated two-part Short accompanied by the reveal of the Sonic Colors Ultimate: Video Game, according to Sonic Stadium’s Alexander Peal, the story goes that Sonic and Tails were traveling to Sweet Mountain, where they meet a new wisp, the “Jade Ghost wisp,” which will help them free wisps that have been captured by Dr. Eggman.

Sonic Cameos!

Next up, Sonic will be making appearances in two new games, first up he’ll be making an appearance in the Business Simulation Game called Two-Point Hospital with Sonic-Themed Items coming July 22nd. Next up, the Official Video Game for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, players will be able to dress their athletes in Sonic Gear. This game will be available on July 24th.

Entertainment Earth

Mobile Game Events

Prepare your smartphones, because you’ll want to get your hands on the following games: Sonic Dash, Sonic Racing, and finally, Sonic Forces. But there is a catch, these events are available for a limited time! Let’s look at what you can get:

  • Sonic Dash: While this title was the least mentioned of the three mobile games, it will be getting a Pirate-themed event along with pirate costumes for Sonic (Pirate Sonic) and Shadow (Captain Shadow) which will be available later this month.
  • Sonic Racing: Before you ‘race’ to find this title at the Play Store, this is an Apple Arcade Exclusive. Classic era content is going to be coming to the game, including characters like Classic Sonic. This includes Classic vehicles, 3 Classic era maps, and brand-new music!
  • Sonic Forces MobileLater this summer we’ll be seeing Super Sonic coming to in a limited-time event, also coming to the game is a chance to battle friends in private races in a limited-time event later this year. The Werehog will be coming around Halloween in a special event, where players can unlock the Werehog. This same event will be simultaneously coming to Sonic Dash.

Sonic Origins Compilation

Time to venture back to an era where SEGA was at War with Nintendo, Sonic Origin is a compilation of Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD. No release date has been announced for the collection.


Sonic Games Race to the Epic Games Store and Amazon Luna!

SEGA announced that they will be releasing Sonic Mania at the Epic Games Store on June 24th, but fear not Playstation NOW will be receiving Sonic Forces, Sonic Mania, and Team Sonic Racing on June 1st. Finally, Amazon Luna will be getting Sonic Mania and Team Sonic Racing later this year.

An Update regarding Sonic Prime!

Joe Kelly, Man of Action- Sonic Central
Image Credit: Sonic Stadium

In February we learned that Netflix was teaming up with Man of Action Entertainment (Ben 10Mega Man: Fully Charged) for Sonic Prime. Man of Action Entertainment is serving as showrunners and executive producers. Sega and WildBrain are both teaming up for production, distribution, and licensing. Sonic Prime will be a 24 Episode Series, Joe Kelly of Man of Action Entertainment offered a brief update on the new series, showing off an Eggman Logo hinting at the Mad Doctor’s latest Mechanical Venture. Kelly mentions that they are “working really hard to bring fans something that they’ve never seen before in the Sonic series.”

New Sonic Game Teased

Last, but certainly not least, a Brand New Sonic Video Game has been announced and teased for 2022. It will be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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