Final Fantasy 14 Fan Festival: The Biggest Endwalker Announcements


Friday started the yearly Fan Festival for Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIV, kicking off the Festival was a Keynote about the Game’s upcoming expansion Endwalker. A reminder for first-time readers, in February during the Announcement Showcase, this year’s fan festival would be a Digital Fan Festival, due to the ongoing COVID-19 Epidemic a lot of events had to be either postponed or canceled. Producer Naoki Yoshida gave the keynote speech, mentioning that the newest expansion would be released in the fall, today, we’re going to be looking at the biggest announcements from this year’s Fan Festival:

Reaper Class, the new Melee DPS Class

After the hints that Naoki Yoshida gave by his t-shirt designs, the dream has come to life, the Reaper Class has come to Final Fantasy XIV. This new Melee DPS Class wields a two-handed scythe weapon, armed with great Slash Attacks this class also has a Ghost Avatar from the void that will help the reapers fight. The only requirement for getting this class is that you have at least one job at level 70 and have the Endwalker Expansion.

Explore Endwalker’s Newest Town and Hub City, Old Sharlayan!

Shadowbringers had The Crystarium, Stormblood had Kugane, and now Endwalker has a new town called Old Sharlayan. In this new Hub City, you’ll be able to access shops and the market boards, and most likely be spending a long time in this town.


Also, Getting to explore the new areas Labrynithos, Garlemald, Thavnair, And The Moon?

While getting a new Hub City players also have gotten four new areas to explore, the beautiful underground dome known as Labrynithos. It emulates light from the outside world, and Garlemald, a territory inhabited by Galrean Empire. Next up, Thavnair’s Radz-at-Han, this territory we had a chance to look at in the Announcement Showcase in February and it is a Non-Hub City. The footage was shown during the Keynote Presentation, now we find ourselves moving into the vastness of space, to the Moon. “Mare Lamentorum

New Beast Tribes: The Lorporrits

Final Fantasy XIV Beast Tribe: The Loporrits
Image Credit: Square-Enix

We were introduced to The Arkasodara Matanga in February, now we’re meeting a new Tribe: The Loporrits. These creatures inhabit the Moon, while they look adorable and cute as a button they look similar to the Hummingways from Final Fantasy IV.

Entertainment Earth

Introducing the Endwalker’s New Alliance Raid, The Myth of the Realms.

Final Fantasy XIV The Myths of The Realm Teaser
Image Credit: Square-Enix

This new raid focuses on the Twelve, who have until now been shrouded in mystery… This one is what Yoshida noted that it would be part of the Original Content that focuses on the Twelve, the Deities in Final Fantasy XIV.

New Race Unlocked: Male Viera

Remember the Rabbit-Race that was introduced in Shadowbringers? Well, it looks like someone has been peeking at your Bucket List because there will be a new Male Counterpart introduced in Endwalker. And there are plans to introduce a female counterpart for the Hrothgar in the future.

Coming this November, Endwalker!

The expansion will be available on Nov. 23rd, but folks who preorder will have early access to the expansion content for a couple of days before this date.

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