Girlfriend, Girlfriend Volume One: The Sad Attempt at Romantic Comedy

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Volume One Cover

The newest review finds this reader very confused and a little disappointed, to prepare for the Anime that will be premiering this summer, today’s review will be about Hiroyuki’s Girlfriend, Girlfriend Volume One.

The Story begins with the First Year Student named Naoya Mukaki, an earnest young man who got his first girlfriend, a beautiful lady named Saki Saki (No, you aren’t reading this wrong.) And like most teenagers, these two are madly in love with each other, but their intensities are similar to Fire and Ice in many ways. Then one day, after vowing never to cheat on Saki, another girl who happens to be a first-year confesses that she has a crush on him! Enter Nagisa Minase, who is cute, sweet, and makes him a lunch he couldn’t resist, sounds like the perfect person to date right? Well, after vowing that he wouldn’t cheat on Saki, Naoya realizes that he can’t let Nagisa go either. So he decides after a stranger confessing her love to him that he wants to also date her too! To enter a Polygamous Relationship, to date both girls at the same time. It’s time to begin the review.

While this runs on the generic premise of a Romantic Comedy, it does offer one concept that you never see in manga or on films and television and that is a good thing to be different when you’re creating something new and to catch the reader’s attention. But that isn’t the case with this story so far, I give Hiroyuki credit for introducing a concept that writers and artists don’t approach often but it lost footing when going deeper into the book. The gag is funny the first five minutes into it when you think about it “oh goodness, dating two girls at the same time?” It’s a good chuckle after two chapters but when the actual humor comes along, it feels forced. That isn’t good when you’re doing a Romantic Comedy, the jokes usually turn into yelling every other panel, the pacing is too fast where after Naoya meets Nagisa right up to after the negotiation of discussing with Saki the benefit of him getting to date both girls where they immediately move in with him and barely an argument put up by the parents.


The jokes start cutesy, then suddenly move into deep sexual territory, Hiroyuki makes sure it isn’t too explicit both in his artwork and in humor. The artwork in this Manga is nice, a good fit and it includes certain comical moments. For my final thoughts, I would like to say that this is a good manga, not the best but still needs to find its purpose, which I hope it does in future volumes for the sake of readers and fans of Romantic Comedies and Slice of Life.

Before I end this review, I would like to thank Kodansha for the Opportunity for letting me review this Manga.

Final Grade:

Rating: 1.5 out of 10.

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