Superman and Lois is currently streaming Five Episodes on HBO Max for a Limited Time

Superman & Lois Promotional Poster

If you were looking for a way to watch the first five episodes of the CW’s newest hit show, Superman & Lois, then look no more. HBO Max is offering the first five episodes available to stream on their service.

Confirmed by the official Twitter account called Inside HBO Max, it will be a limited-time event, the first five episodes are only available until May 17th. This is most likely a move for Warner Bros to promote the series before its return on May 18th. The series went on a brief hiatus due to a “COVID related production interruption,” earlier in the season so this led to Supergirl taking the Man of Steel’s spot temporarily while her final episodes will premiere in the Summer.

For more on this story, CBR’S Emily Zogbi has the details. Superman & Lois is set to return on May 18th at 9 pm ET/PT on the CW Network. If you would like to read my review for the premiere episode, click here.


Superman & Lois Midseason Return Promo
Image Credit: The CW Network

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