Superman And Lois Series Premiere: Off to a Great Start

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Tuesday night was the premiere of The CW and DC Comics’ newest show, Superman & Lois.

Our story begins with a narration of Clark’s life beginning with the fabled moment where he was sent to earth by his father, Jor-El from a dying planet called Krypton. He would eventually land on Earth being found by two kind-hearted farmers named Jonathan and Martha Kent. The Kents would raise him as their own in a small town located in Kansas called Smallville. His new family helped him understand how to use his super-powers.

He became a reporter for the Daily Planet in Metropolis, meeting the woman he would eventually marry named Lois Lane. They would get married and have twin sons, Jonathan (the Athlete) and Jordan (Socially Awkward). While the recap is fast-paced it does show why we love the Man of Steel, it was a salute to all the artists, creators, writers who helped shape the Mythology of one of the most famous heroes.


The backstory ends with Superman racing to save a Nuclear Power Facility with the guidance of Lois’ father General Samuel Lane (Dylan Walsh), a High Ranking Military Officer, and immediately the tone changes. After he saved the day it goes into his family life at home, checking in on Jonathan who was busy video chatting with a girl, and Jordan who was upset with his dad for missing a therapy appointment they had but was playing a video game (cleverly placed for Injustice 2 Easter Egg!)

While this isn’t entirely doesn’t feel like a Superman story at times but it does offer a story with a real-world setting, similar to ones told in the other Arrow-verse by telling relevant stories that tell what is going on in the real world and ones that we can relate to, for example, The Kent household facing personal issues like the teenage twins bickering because they are different. As mentioned earlier, Jonathan is the Athlete, handsome and rugged, while Jordan has trouble with depression and social anxiety disorder. Meanwhile, the culture at the Daily Planet has become strange and not to Lois’s liking ever since the Billionaire Morgan Edge took over, pushing for soft news stories and clickbait.


Then comes the family crisis, and possibly one of the biggest opportunities when a tragedy draws Clark back to where it all began, Smallville. He contemplates a return to small-town living. Speaking as someone who has lived in a small town, nothing is that simple. The Farming Community is in a tight bind, dying as they see Morgan Edge as a savior but Lois suspects there is foul play involved behind Edge buying land for unknown reasons. The producers have done a phenomenal job in depicting Superman’s powers, using bits of inspiration from other portrayals of Superman such as Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns, and of course, the film that started it all, 1978’s Superman: The Movie.

Tyler Hoechlin was impressive as Clark Kent/Superman, nailing Superman’s physique and showing wholehearted good geeky humor appeal as Clark Kent. Elizabeth Tulloch also does a great job as Lois Lane, comes out being tough and aggressive as she is known for. She is smart, fierce but also like Clark is adjusting to their new family life and the challenges they will face as a Family. Before I end this review I would like to applaud the actors Jordan Elsass and Alexander Garfin. The duo has a good grasp on these new characters and the challenges they will face with not only being part Kryptonian but also the challenges of having Super Powers. If you would like to check out the list of Easter Eggs from the Premiere, click here.

Final Grade:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

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