The Flash Issue #768: When Quantum Leap meets The Speed Force


After a lengthy hiatus during Endless Winter and Future State, the Flash Series is back with a brand new creative team. After the events of DC Universe: Rebirth, Heroes in Crisis, and Dark Nights: Death Metal, everyone’s favorite Red Haired Speedster is calling it quits. After everything that has happened, Wally wants to retire from the life of being a Superhero and having a connection to the Speed Force, he just wants to live a quiet life with the family he just got back and Wally enlists the help of Barry Allen to help him with finding a way to cut himself off from the Speed Force, so when the duo decide to race something goes wrong and Wally finds himself thrown back into time, back into the Prehistoric Era!

But Wally found himself inhabiting a Prehistoric Speedster’s body, meanwhile, Barry and Green Arrow enlist the help of Mister Terrific to help bring Wally back into the Present, with each leap Wally hopes that the next leap will lead him back home.


The Flash Issue 768- Visual 2
Image Credit: DC Comics

Wally West has had his fair share of bad luck in the past few years, giving Marvel’s Peter Parker a run for its money. But as the new writer, Jeremy Adams has expressed in a new interview with Newsarama’s Kat Calamia that everything is looking up for the Fastest Man Alive. Let’s go over the script for this new take on The Flash and the Speedster’s Legacy. Jeremy Adams takes over after Joshua Williamson’s monumental run, Adams is familiar with the world of Superheroes on the Television Screen and in Animation but he is also relatively new in terms of Comic Book Writing (This shouldn’t be that different, to be honest, correct me if I’m wrong here and if I am, I apologize) but he immediately made his presence felt with this first issue, giving fans something they have been begging for and that is an Old-School feeling and a tale of an Adventure.

It is packed with Energy, Nostalgia, and Imagination that is Tightly Paced. It comes with a hopeful tone, this issue is not only about Wally but also those who have failed Wally. Friends who are racing to help and save him from further harm, a tale of Wally West and his reconnection with not only the Speed Force but with his support group.


Let’s go into the artwork in this issue, with a big return comes to a big Creative Team consisting of Seven Artists (four pencilers and three colorists,) David Lafuente’s style is a good fit with Adams Storytelling when it comes to light-hearted adventures but it was Marco Santucci that we got a glimpse of his eye for realism, it may stick out but this was a good pick for a Science Fiction story. Brandon Peters’s pencil work is what we’re seeing in the beginning and is great but the lines are too thick and give off a diorama vibe. There are several noticeable mistakes when it comes to Lettering, in the case of the beginning page with the thought bubble and Superman’s head but I won’t be critical about it, meeting deadlines and double-checking is a tough deal when it comes to writing and making art. Overall it is a good start for this new team and I have faith that this will continue to be one of DC’s best books.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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