Creator Spotlight and Creation Highlight: ZU Studios’ ZU Tiles: Hime

ZU Tiles: Hime Logo

While we ventured into the land of Eorzea for an audience with a Warrior of Light named Bell Pepper, this special Creator Spotlight finds us looking at a new Tabletop Game made by ZU Studio called Zu Tiles: Hime.

What is Zu Tiles: Hime? According to the Designer of this game, Joshua Bakken, along with Artist 53C; Bakken described the game as “a strategic tile-placement game based loosely on the creatures of the Chinese Zodiac. Players choose a creature (or creatures) to build customized decks around to out-think and outplay their opponent(s). Players earn points by creating patterns of “compatible squares” using creatures or by battling and capturing opposing creatures. The first player to 12 points wins! Think Collectable Card Game meets Dominoes…but with amazing anime-inspired art and super fun tile interactions.


Joshua also went onto describing the game as a quick and easy game for the whole family, focusing more on its unique compatibility mechanics than it does on combat. Hoping that people will have more fun and more genuine enjoyment of playing vs. the sometimes cutthroat competition that other more competitive deck-building games can become. Board Game Geek has several images of the game, each highlighting the setup and behind the scenes fun with players who have had a chance to play it. Speaking of players who have played the game, below are several videos that Josh included for this special preview of his new game, let’s check it out!

GAMA Expo 2020: ZU Tiles: Hime Game Preview

TCG Scrubs: Zu Tiles: Hime Gameplay and How-To-Play!

The First Starter Set is currently available, Starter Set 2 should be available mid-summer. You can buy the game at Game Kastle, Amazon and also you can ask about the game and buy it from your friendly, neighborhood game store! Also, here are several more places that you can find more information and a chance to play Zu Tiles!

Be sure to check out Zu Tiles: Hime, it looks like a fun game, and also, be sure to be on the lookout for more Creator Spotlight and be sure to check out past interviews with other Amazing Creators.


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