YOASOBI unleashes newest Music Video for Beastars Second Season OP “Kaibutsu”


The Second Season is here and YOASOBI has brought the fans their newest Music Video for Orange Studio and Paru Itagaki’s BEASTARS titled “Kaibutsu” (Monster). Composed of Vocaloid Music Producer Ayase and vocalist Ikura, Orange noted that Itagaki along with Hyperbole‘s Toshiyuki Yamashita and Rinna Miwa worked on the music video.

Also, Toho Animation uploaded recently the Ending Song performed by YOASOBI titled “Yasashii Suisei” (“Tender Comet“). The Second Season is currently airing on Fuji TV’s Ultra + Time Slot and Netflix Japan, while it is set to premiere worldwide in July 2021.

Taking place in a world where Carnivores and Herbivores Co-Exist, we find ourselves at Cherryton Academy, a gruesome murder took place involving a Herbivore student from the Drama Club, with tensions already high and getting higher between the herbivores and carnivores, one student stands out above the rest; Legoshi, a Large Wolf who is kind and wouldn’t harm a living thing (Or would he?)


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