Tara Billinger and Zach Bellissimo’s Long Gone Gulch is Officially Live!

Long Gone Gulch Promotional Visual

Last month, Creators, Tara Billinger, and Zach Bellissimo‘s long-awaited Creator-Owned animation Long Gone Gulch announced their release date for the pilot. Fast forward to today, the Animation is now available to watch on YouTube! There will be a review for the Pilot later this afternoon.

“A Comedic Fantasy about two young Sheriffs who must serve and protect a secluded mythical world, home to many Legendary Creatures of Folklore. An Energetic Cowgirl who was the only human born in the Gulch, named Rawhide, and a Sarcastic Greaser named Snag. Their unlikely friendship causes them to learn from each other as they deal with a variety of problems within a town that isn’t exactly on their side. Among them is a Strict but neurotic jackalope who is also the Mayor, RhubarbBW the mysterious Bounty Hunter, and Mako, a Mutant Shark and his gang of Bandits.“


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