Long Gone Gulch Pilot Episode: A Comedic Fantasy that was worth the wait.

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Earlier today I had reported on the reveal of the long-awaited Creator-Owned Animation done by the creative team of Tara Billinger and Zach Bellissimo, this Comedic Fantasy takes place in a secluded mythical world, a world filled with Legendary Creatures of Folk-Lore, we soon meet an energetic human girl named Rawhide and a Sarcastic Greaser named Snag (Anything with a Sarcastic Character is worth looking into, especially when the reviewer is one too!) Who are Sheriffs in a town that has a bunch of problems and aren’t exactly on their side, among them is a Strict but neurotic jackalope who is also the Mayor, RhubarbBW the mysterious Bounty Hunter, and Mako, a Mutant Shark and his gang of Bandits. Without further ado, let’s begin the review.


While Rawhide and Snag aren’t exactly the best sheriffs, the duo is on their way to becoming the most memorable Western Duo. The series takes a lot of cues and elements from History and the days when Westerns dominated the Television Landscape, their Rogues Gallery, other characters are uniquely designed and offers a great sense of individuality that some shows fail to get right down the line (whether it be in a pilot or a second episode.) Tara Billinger brings a sense of Nostalgia and wonders with her in Long Gone Gulch, her work on other projects such as Walt Disney Animation’s The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse, and her partner Zach Bellissimo serving as Storyboard Artist, Animation Director for the Pilot; fans should be familiar with his work on shows such as Rick and Morty, Victor & Valentino, and the cult classic Motorcity.


The Pilot also saw a star-studded cast such as voice actors and actresses Elizabeth Daily, Danny Cooksey, Amber Midthunder. Some of the comedic moments tended to be stale but wasn’t forced humor, the pilot also saw the introduction of mediums that we saw in animated shows such as Gravity Falls. Overall this was a great pilot and the team behind this new series have done a great job and it was worth the wait, I look forward to if this gets picked up for an ongoing series, thanks to Billinger, Bellissimo, and the staff at Long Gone Gulch for all of your hard work and for bringing this new show to life. If you’re interested in watching the pilot, click here to check it out.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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