The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Volume One Review: A New Start for Kamala and a Sense of Nostalgia for Readers

Magnificent Ms. Marvel 'Destined' Vol One Cover

Here we are, a new year and a new Review, this time I’m getting a chance to review Marvel’s The Magnificent Ms. Marvel Volume One: Destined.

Written by Saladin Ahmed and Illustrated by Minkyu Jung, we find Kamala and Jersey City in business as usual, and by that statement I mean, a Bad Guy threatening to harm the citizens and Ms. Marvel is ready to take down him down! But after taking the bad guy down she finds herself in a predicament, taking bad guys down is easy but when your folks find out your secret identity? Crisis Mode! But add on an Alien Invasion and learning something devastating into the mix she will not have any time to grieve. And she finds out that she is the “Chosen One“? Buckle up readers, you’re in for a Cosmic Ride!


What I forgot in the introduction was that this first volume contains Issues One Through Six, it starts as a Sci-Fi variation of the Princess Bride; by this reference, I mean starting with a story read to a young child before bed which is a nice touch for a clever easter egg. But I was one of the fans at the beginning who were nervous about Ms. Marvel with a new writer and unsure how her new series would fare when it was originally announced. Then came reading what Saladin had to offer, it was a similar feeling from what read when first approaching Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Ahmed brings a similar formula that worked for his run with Miles and the comics he has written and that was bringing a sense of wonder and staying true to the characters while introducing new elements (such as the Alien Invasion in Jersey City and bringing her parents for an out of this world adventure!) Let’s discuss the artwork and the Creative team helping Saladin Ahmed bring Ms. Marvel’s sci-fi adventure to life, Artists Minkyu Jung, Eduard Petrovich, Ian Herring, and Juan Vlasco; Minkyu’s designs for Kamala’s new Costume is fascinating, with tackling a new series there would have to change, some good and some that end up ruining the reading experience and this wasn’t the case, Jung’s artwork is a great fit for Ms. Marvel. Petrovich handled the Main Cover Art for this series, providing amazing detail and made it stand out from what you’d usually find on the shelf.


Final Grade:

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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