Spider-Man: Miles Morales- Straight out of Brooklyn

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Straight out of Brooklyn Cover

Time for another review, this time it finds us in Brooklyn New York, reading Saladin Ahmed and Javier Carrón’s Miles Morales: Straight Out of Brooklyn. With this collecting the first six issues of the series, Miles is back in action, while trying to balance a Normal Life, School, Family, Friends, it hasn’t been exactly easy but how can it be when a rampaging Rhino is causing mayhem and a mysterious new Crime organization makes it way into Brooklyn, what does it mean for the young web-slinger? And what is up with the Villain Uprising? Things took a dark turn for Spider-Man but can he turn things around? Let’s check out the review!

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Image Credit: Marvel

With Bendis heading to DC to write Superman, it was time for a new beginning for our young Web-Slinger, with it brings Eisner Award-Winning Writer, Saladin Ahmed, not a stranger to Marvel or Superheroes, Saladin did a great job in the Black Bolt series in 2018 it came to no surprise that he was a perfect fit for writing Miles. He brought in some interesting details such as the aspects of Miles’ Culture, it made him and what he is going through feeling more authentic, relatable to the reader. Even though I enjoyed the new characters such as Judge, Starling, the takeaway of this collected volume had to have been the hilarious hijinks of avoiding the Vice-Principal and playing hooky, made me nostalgic of eighties movies; the artwork in this series is phenomenal, artist Javier Carrón’s design work breathed in fresh life in this series, each character maintained their personalities without seeming to be stereotypical.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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