It may not come as a surprise to many but it would seem lawmakers are trying to get an Anime book pulled off the shelf from Kent University and threatening to take away college funding if the school does not comply.

The book Anime from Akira to Howl’s Moving Castle: Experiencing Contemporary Japanese Animation was written by Dr. Susan J. Napier, a professor of the Japanese Program at Tufts University. Kelly Kennedy of Fox 19 News reported that Two state representatives are calling on Kent State University to stop assigning adult-oriented material to minors, Kent State University has a program that allows students in grades 7-12 to take classes for college credit. One father was furious after his high school student was given a reading assignment with the racy material. Kent State claims the parents consented to it.

Rep. Stoltzfus and Representative Don Jones sent a letter to the university urging them to stop assigning adult-related material to underaged students and to review their policies, so this doesn’t happen again.

It’s way beyond pornography, It’s violent. It’s dark. It’s violent sexual acts. The pictures are very twisted. You know somebody with a twisted mind had to come up with this stuff. It’s Pornographic in Nature, I let the university know that the material is unacceptable and they think it is acceptable so if it’s acceptable, all my friends in the general assembly are going to receive a copy of this book courtesy of me, and we’re gonna look through this book, and we’re gonna decide if this university is worthy of giving 150 million dollars of taxpayer dollars to it every year.

Rep. Reginald Stoltzfus, Republican Representative of Ohio House 50

Kent State released a statement that included the lines, “Faculty have academic freedom to communicate ideas for discussion and learning to fulfill the course objectives. All students in the College Credit Plus program, as well as their legal guardian, must sign an acknowledgment that materials in a course may include mature adult themes before they enroll in a course.” Danica Davidson of Otaku USA has been covering this since it was first reported and had an exclusive interview with the writer of the Book and her thoughts about the Movement pushing to have it removed from the Curriculum and the University. Again this isn’t the first time Anime has entered United States Politic, for example, the Congressional Candidate from Florida, Senator KW Miller tried to warn people that anime such as Dragonball Z that promote the “Overly-Sexualization” of Anime and Cartoon Characters. There are bigger issues in the world, and people like Eric Trump waste people’s time by making assumptions and outlandish claims like claiming that the Anime and Manga, MOB 100 was a Scheme by Google to Manipulate Americans. These claims and outlandish comments try to sway people away from the real problems that plague the nation; Hate, Racism, Xenophobia, Poverty, Homelessness, Inequality, and COVID-19.

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