Punchline Vol. 1- Blood Sisters: One of the Best Books to introduce Superheroes for New Readers


While DC may have a Lady with the same name, this review is a follow-up from one I had written a year ago. Punchline: Blood Sisters collects issues one through five, After decades of wearing a cape and protecting the city of Seaholm, Mel is forced to retire and train her replacement. The new cape in town is Jessie, a teenager who is different from Mel in almost every way. Together, they chase the other super-types from Mel’s past, leading to a brutal confrontation with the monster called Sawtooth. Written by Bill Williams and Illustrated by Matthew Wheldon, let’s get back on this review.


The story has a good premise with one superhero (Mel) hanging up her cape (so to speak) and being able to transfer her abilities to a teenager (Jessie) who expresses interest in taking up the job. The superhero capability transfer happens via a blood transfer hence the subtitle of the book. This is a world where several superheroes exist openly but still with secret identities. There is tension in the mentor and rookie learning relationship due to some uncertainty in the motives of the mentor. Paying homage to traditional superhero stories such as the Silver Age Green Lantern story where a dying Abin-Sur meets Hal Jordan, becoming the new Green Lantern. Bill’s script is solid, providing a traditional sense that veteran fans are familiar with but with pacing that newer fans can keep up with. The dialogue is slick and doesn’t waste a single line, also accompanied by the artistic team of Matthew Wheldon and Brian Denham (Pencilers), Neeraj Menon and Tiago Barsa (colorists), and Thom Zahler (Letterer); Matthew and Brian’s Pencil work is a good fit for the story that is being told, their detail on Costume and Character Designs is one of the good things about this Volume. The thing I enjoyed most of all about this story was that it is different from what you’d be reading from Publishers like DC and Marvel, exploring topics that wouldn’t be discussed usually (This doesn’t mean I’m bashing either Publisher, keep that in mind.)

Final Grade:

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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