Act-Age Writer Tatsuya Matsuki admits to Indecent Act Charge in Court. Seeking a Suspended Sentence


In a new report from NHK, Writer Tatsuya Matsuki has appeared in a hearing today at the Tokyo District Court, he admitted to the indecent act involving a female middle school student. The Prosecution is seeking a maximum sentence of One Year and Six Months, while the Defense is asking for a suspended sentence and arguing that he has been punished enough by society such as the cancellation of the Act-Age Manga Series. If they approve the defense’s request, Matsuki will not have to serve time in Jail, provided if he remains on good behavior during the term of suspension. Sentencing is scheduled for December 23.

The defendant said in court that he harbored many worries and anxieties, but could not talk about them and became desperate. He added that he also has a complex towards women, and acted it out on a stranger. He further said that there is no way to apologize for what he did to the victim.


On June 18th, 2020 NHK reported that according to the Police, at 8 pm that evening the suspect approached the girl from behind while on a bicycle and touched her inappropriately. The suspect fled the scene on a bicycle, later the girl went to the Police and the Police examined the Security Camera footage, an hour later, a similar incident happened to another girl and the suspect matched Matsuki’s description. With the arrest of Tatsuya Matsuki, Shueisha Inc and Shonen Jump stated on Twitter and Manga Plus. The final chapter of this series will not be published on Shueisha’s Platform. Matsuki was arrested on August 8th, 2020, and since then the Act-Age Manga, Stage-Play has been canceled. For more on the Matsuki arrest, the cancelations, and the suspension of Act-Age Volume Sale, click here to read past articles leading up to the recent court appearance.

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