Major 2nd Season Two: Proving To Be One of the Best Anime of 2020

Major 2nd Season Two Visual

Following up from the First Season much has changed since Daigo’s early days of Little League Baseball; Two years have passed, and now our protagonist is in his Junior Year of Junior High and it would seem that he has changed, there isn’t a sense of arrogance or a trace of cockiness in his tone or step. They’ve taken a different approach in this genre of anime and that is the future baseball team is a true mixed-gender team; a fun fact about Japan, in Middle School girls and boys, can compete in middle-school baseball (depending on the largesse of the school), and indeed most schools only have a softball team for girls.

Another character that returned was Mutsuko Sakura who now serves as Vice-Captain of Daigo’s baseball team, along with a cast of new and familiar faces coming to play ball in this exciting, drama-filled Second Season!


Even though it premiered in April, it was one of the shows that were affected by the COVID-19 epidemic and went on another break temporarily, but the show was still something to enjoy and take your mind off of the pandemic. The animation production was handled by OLM Studio, it has improved since the first season and to be honest, it was a little emotional seeing these characters getting older; fans of the series might feel nostalgia because they can relate to how time waits for no man or woman. OLM has done a phenomenal job of bringing on an artistic change whether it be their show intros or show outro, and an incredible script handled by six writers: Michihiro Tsuchiya, Kenji Konuta, Mitsuyo Suenaga, Kenichi Yamashita, and Akiko Inoue.

Something that made this different from other sports anime was that there wasn’t exaggerated superhuman like skills or techniques that were put on display during a game or at practice, the research that the creative team (writers, animators, artists, and the Director) they put into the latest season has paid off, I enjoyed the video game easter eggs involving the boys named Mario and Luigi Kunitumo! Blew my mind with that Nintendo Reference! The last thing I would like to mention in this review is the addition of real-life situations, what I am referring to is giving the viewer a sense of realism such as the team experiencing a loss or the return of an assumed friend, Hiraku’s return ended being heartbreaking for Daigo after learning that Hiraku cannot pitch anymore after the accident in the Little League Baseball tournament. Hiraku played Daigo like a fiddle, he knew what strings to pull and how to get into his head which leads to our protagonist having a nervous breakdown. Overall this had to be one of the best anime seasons of 2020, yes you have shows like Black Clover, Boruto, Yashahime Princess Half Demon currently on top but its shows such as Major 2nd that can give you something down to earth and a sense of familiarity that is lost during the time of Fantasy and Demon Slaying.


Final Grade:

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.

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