On September 2nd, the Doctor Who mythos is expanding, in the US and Canada, BBC Studios is kicking off a massive 12 week, multi-platform that will span across comics, books, audio drama, CD/Vinyl, toys, and games. In this newest event, Time Lord Victorious, it finds the Doctor’s deadliest enemies the Daleks coming to the timelord and telling him that the Dalek Emperor demands his help! Time is all wrong, for example, scared Daleks and a Time War no one remembers! Recently a new Trailer was streamed at the Official Doctor Who YouTube Channel and BBC Producer James Goss recently spoke to Syfy Wire for an exclusive interview to discuss the upcoming event, you can read all about it here.

Image Credit: BBC

Set in the Darkest Times at the Start of the Universe, even when the Eternals were young, the Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Doctor travel across Space and Time as they defend the universe from a terrible race!

Official Synopsis

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