Jud Meyers placed on Administrative Leave.

It has only been 3 days and already there has been another change in IDW Publishing if you recall the announcement that there were three industry veterans that the trio recently got promoted to replace the void that was left after Christopher Ryall stepped down from his job of Publisher, President, and Creative Officer of IDW Publishing.

Image Credit: IDW Publishing

Jud Meyers was promoted as IDW’s new Publisher but according to a new report from Hollywood Reporter’s Graeme McMillan, he has been placed on Administrative Leave, while the Publisher has declined to give any reason what had happened, but its new President, Jerry Bennington has taken over Jud’s Responsibilities as Interm Publisher at this time.

UPDATE *August 7th, 2020*: Jud Meyers was officially terminated by IDW Publishing as of today. Newsarama has more information on this new development.

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