The God of High School Episode One- Nonstop Thrills and Excitement

Yesterday was the premiere of one of Crunchyroll’s newest originals, The God of High School, written and illustrated by Yongje Park, the anime was adapted from a South Korean Manhwa, it is about a high schooler named Jin Mo-ri who proclaims that he is the strongest High Schooler in the world but his life changes when he is invited to participate in a tournament to determine the Strongest High Schooler of all, “The God of High School“. If he wins, he can get a wish granted, but in order to do it, he’ll have to defeat the other participants who have their eye on the same prize! Let’s get to it, here is the review for the Premiere Episode of The God of High School.


With titles such as Zombie Land Saga, Yuri on Ice, Dororo, and To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts; Mappa Studios is currently one of the big Powerhouses of Anime and it shows in this series. Mappa ramped up the energy with amazing visuals and a Protagonist who wants to do the right thing and snappy pacing. Speaking of pacing, we immediately meet the other two protagonists, Yoo Mira and Han Daewei, both have interesting fighting styles Yoo’s Fighting style is similar to Kumdo or “Way of the Sword” which focuses on building good Character, and Han’s style is Full-Contact Karate. Jin has a fighting style similar to Renewal Taekwondo, Crunchyroll’s Daniel Dockery outlined the first episode’s roots of Real-Life Martial-Arts and a nod to Professional Wrestling.

The God of High School Visual 4

As mentioned in the paragraph above, Mappa Studio has done well visuals and the detail in animation, take for example during the battle royal during the tournament, each fighter’s movements are smooth and no sign of clunky frame rates. The Story might be fast-paced but it does keep the viewer on the edge of their seat along with a great sense of humor. As far as premieres go, this is one way to start a Summer Line-Up, fans have been ecstatic about it ever since the first trailer premiered.

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Final Grade:

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

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