Highlights from Yesterday’s Playstation 5 Conference

Yesterday afternoon fans were blown away by Sony’s latest reveal at the rescheduled Playstation 5 Game Conference, from the latest Ratchet and Clank game, up to Miles Morales getting his time to headline a Video Game. Here are Highlights of yesterday’s conference:

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

The Duo are back for another adventure, this time they are traveling different dimensions! The 3D Platformer is heading to a familiar, yet mysterious place and that’s Playstation’s newest console, Playstation 5. In this latest trailer, we not only see new elements of gameplay (including Ratchet riding on a Dragon!) But Clank meeting a girl look-alike that replaced Ratchet? Oh my!

Resident Evil Village

Capcom has been on a successful streak with its Resident Evil Remakes and now it’s moving onto a Sequel involving Chris Redfield, Ethan, and Mia; it has been a few years since the dreadful Baker Plantation Incident and the couple finds themselves having a chance to move on from the horrifying events, or so they thought… When Chris Redfield makes a surprise appearance and turns their world upside down as Redfield’s actions have set off a chain of events that has a distraught Ethan trying to find the answers as he finds himself in a strange village. Below are the trailer and a special message from the developers.

Resident Evil- Village: Special Developers Message.

NBA 2K21

Showing off the Pre-Alpha Footage for its announcement trailer, NBA 2K21 is coming your way this fall! It is incredible footage of Zion Williamson playing and sweating (Dang! The Detail!) As it makes its way to retail and Game Stores in Fall 2020.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man

Receiving one of the biggest ovations of the night, Insomniac Games has confirmed that this will be a stand-alone game, while most speculated that this was a remastered version of the first Spider-Man Game or a Game of the Year Variation, even an Expansion but thanks to our pals for making the confirmation. No new info is available on this title but it will be available Holiday 2020.

Playstation Five Hardware Reveal

We finally get a chance to look at Sony’s latest console, the Playstation Five, while it has spawned countless memes it also gave us a look at the specs if you recall that it was also announced back in March. For more on the Playstation 5’s latest hardware announcement, the Verge has what you’re looking for!

Playstation Five- The Future of Gaming Show

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