Promare: A Visually Beautiful, Action-Packed Thriller

Catching up on the reviews, this time I’m going over Trigger Studio’s Promare, directed by Hiroyuki Imashi and Scriptwriter Kazuki Nakashima, the men who created Kill La Kill and Gurren Lagann bring us a tale of people that are surging with anger and then spontaneously combust all over the world, which cause this huge event called the Great Burning. Thirty Years later, society rebuilds and dubs people with these pyro-powers ‘Burnish‘, we meet the team of Burning Rescue and our protagonist Galo Thymos, a meathead who has a certain vibe of Gurren Lagann’s Kamina, also, the Burning Rescue are a defensive team that is set to put out flames that are caused by the Burnish, a villain-organization of Burnish that stands against the Burning Rescue Team. Speaking of the Villain Organization, they are lead by a young man named Lio Fiota, a man who has a great sense of Justice, but is a perfect parallel to Galo Thymos.

Toho Animation: Promare Promotional Video

The world that Hiroyuki Imashi, Kazuki Nakashima, and the combined team of Studio Trigger, XFLAG, and the 3DCG Studio Sanzigen created was a visual masterpiece, with the combination of 2D and 3DCG animation. While some action scenes were a tad clunky at times but other than that, there was great scene direction and framing. While the whole design of the world of Promare is stylish and between the stylish pastel fire, distinct coloring brings out not only the design of the characters and the attitude that shined through the movements. Let’s move through to the story structure, with this being Trigger’s first big animated film, it is fast-paced and exciting too; which isn’t a bad thing, especially with it involving larger than life battles with Mechas and a creature made of fire. The movie also had various references to past projects that Studio Trigger has worked on, including a nod to the director and scriptwriter’s past works. What I enjoyed most of all about this film was the Characters, the designs were stylish, their personalities were bright and their attitudes brought out the best of the film; this includes the battles that involved Giant Mechas and the backstories behind both main characters.

Final Grade:

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.
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