Pixar’s latest Short Film features First Gay Main Character

Pixar has its first openly gay main character in a film, on Friday, a Short Film that was recently released on Disney Plus. “Out” features a man named Greg who struggles to come out to his mom and dad as he gets ready to move in with his boyfriend, Manuel. Greg’s inner turmoil begins to become stronger as his parents surprise him and help him get ready for his move, then something magical happens as he switches bodies with his dog! (Talk about your Freaky Fridays!) As he tries to hide evidence of his relationship with Manuel from his parents, he comes to realize that you can’t always hide things from your parents.

The nine-minute short debut on Disney Plus’ Spark Shorts series, Spark Shorts is a series where Pixar Creators showcase independent projects, a similar way to the days when Walt Disney used Silly Symphony to experiment with processes, techniques characters, and stories to further the art of animation. ‘Out’ was directed by Steven Clay Hunter, his credits include “Finding Nemo” and “WALL-E”.

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