Amazing Spider-Man: Red Goblin

Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man run lasted for a long time, at least for the Modern era, but Red Goblin was one of the books that defined his love for Spider-Man’s Legacy and one of the best in the Character’s; say what you will about Slott but this was one of the most emotional, high stakes stories that made its mark on readers today. This collects the two final Story Arcs of Dan Slott’s run: Threat Level Red, and Go Down Swinging, also thrown in is Issue #801. Red Goblin is about Norman Osborn’s search for a cure for Genetic tampering that prevented him from becoming the Green Goblin and at long last, he is about to find it! Two of Spider-Man’s Greatest Enemies combined into one huge threat. With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility; Let’s get into the review.

Amazing Spider-Man: Go Down Swinging- Teaser Trailer

Starting at the beginning of this story is the three-part story ‘Threat Level Red‘ which Slott teamed up with Christos Gage to write and the artistic team of Michael Hawthorne and Stuart Immonen. While serving as a set-up for what is to come, it focuses on these events that happen to Peter Parker but it seems to be unconnected incidents; meanwhile, watching Norman Osborn bonding with the Carnage Symbiote was super creepy, Stuart’s artwork was one of my favorite things about this book, Mike Hawthorne’s artwork is a nice touch as well for the rest of the arc. When we move into the bigger chunk of the book, the arc ‘Going Down Swinging‘ which shows us how twisted Norman Osborn can be, in the past we witnessed the Green Goblin make Peter’s life (and anyone in general) a living hell, this includes his family as well. For the main portion of it focuses on Peter and Norman, the artwork for the majority of this arc is handled again by Immonen, with the gorgeous inkwork by Wade Von Grawbadger; the best part of the arc was showing Peter’s relationship with the ones he cares about and how they are willing to help him in return. But while saying goodbye to Spider-Man and his friends, there was one Character’s goodbye was the most emotional of this book, Flash Thompson.. His character was reinvented under Slott.

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As we move to issue 800, we get to see a myriad of Artists and working on different chapters in this issue, while each artist brings their talent and their different styles to this story, but it was issue 801 that struck our hearts most of all, Dan focuses on not just Spider-Man, but what impact he made on the everyone he has met and saving people far more than from harms way.

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Final Grade:

Rating: 9.5 out of 10.

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