Plus Ultra! Funimation to release new English Dub Episode of My Hero Academia on Sunday

Season Four Poster

This is truly an Easter treat, Funimation announced yesterday that they will be releasing Episode 84 on Sunday at 12:00 pm EDT. The Funimation staff said that they have been “working around the clock” to find a way to bring more simuldub content to its website during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Epidemic; production team members and voice actors have set up remote dubbing stations at home.

Funimation also shared a behind the scenes video on how the Company was able to produce the new dubbed episode of My Hero Academia. Funmation originally announced on March 18th that it had temporarily paused its production of its seasonal simuldubs for anime, as it is adjusting its simuldub production to allow for production members to work from home. Simuldubs were paused for shows from the winter season and the current spring season. English-subtitled simulcast releases are still continuing as normal.

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