Animal Crossing: New Horizon pulled off Chinese Platforms after Protest

Tom Nook and the Villagers of Animal Crossing were sent packing, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is no longer available on China’s Grey Market e-commerce platforms after Hong Kong Activist Joshua Wong used the game to protest Bejing’s rule of the Chinese Territory. Now, if you’re not familiar with New Crossing, it is a new installment in the hit game franchise, it is a Social Simulator that players can decorate their island, and invite other players to their Island. It became an instant hit in its debut last month, used by many players for social interaction due to being held up in their houses due to curbing the Coronavirus Outbreak.


Joshua Wong, a Hong Kong Democracy Activist took his protests onto the Video Game last week, posting a screenshot on Twitter of his Island, decorated with a banner that reads “Free Hong Kong, Revolution now.” China has stringent rules on content, including Video Games up to Movies and will not hesitate to censor anything that they believe that has violated Core Socialist Values, Gaming Companies must seek Licenses for the Games they want to publish. For more on this story, Reuters has the exclusive, as for the situation, it isn’t the first time that Politics had invaded the gaming world.

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