New Resident Evil 3 Gameplay footage has been unveiled

The Nemesis bursting into the scene, The Hunter-Gamma lurking in the bowels of Raccoon City, and a brand new Dodge move? Yep, this is definitely Resident Evil 3. Today, we got another glimpse into the hellish ruins of what was once Raccoon City. Capcom streamed new gameplay footage today and from the looks of it this will be another successful game for the Video Game Company.

What’s New?

  • Capcom bringing Photo-Realistic Visuals, bringing Raccoon City to life; whether it be a fiery inferno, Zombie’s shadows being cast in the flame’s light, down the narrow alleyways are Faux Movie Posters on display. Similar detail from the Second remake, including the detail of dirt and abrasions on Jill while she is struggling to survive.
  • The Reinvention of Raccoon City– We had a first glimpse of the City when playing RE 2 Remake, but this is on a whole new level; be expecting something on a larger scale including the areas and reimagined sequences.
  • Brand new Sewer Labyrinth Section– With an expanded subway to go with the new detail in the City, with the streets becoming more wider and open (unlike the narrow spaces from 1999) which means more room to dodge.
  • New Evade Move– when you press R1+X, you can now dodge lunging zombies and other foes, that is a blessing to be honest because in the past there have been problems for some players who try to do a ‘No Damage’ run has had problems with places either being too crowded or too limited in space, but the problem you face here is jumping into the arms of a foe.
Official Nemesis Trailer
  • Perfect Dodge Ability– Jill can perform a perfect dodge by pressing X while in the enemy’s grasp and if done successfully, you can score slow-motion counter window to open fire.
  • No Knife Degradation– The problem in Resident Evil 2 Remake was that the knife would degrade overtime after use, but now it will not degrade but it also means this is No Longer a Self Defense Item.
  • Ammo Crafting– This is a major requirement in the game in terms of survival, introduced in the original Resident Evil 3 and brought back in Resident Evil 7, Ammo crafting is key to survival.
  • Environmental Traps- Blast Red Barrels to topple zombie hordes or blast Electrical Boxes to stun your enemies.

There are plenty of new reveals over on Playstation’s Blog, going over what to expect and what is new. I’m looking forward to its release, what caught your eye? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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