Transformers WFC Trilogy: Siege Anime Announced at NY Toy Fair

First announced at the 2020 New York Toy Fair and EW, the Rooster Teeth anime is coming to Netflix; the trailer was recently uploaded to the Streaming Company’s Youtube Channel if you’re not familiar with Rooster Teeth they are the same company for producing such anime such as RWBY and gen: LOCK. No premiere date has been announced yet but will keep a close eye on it!

In the midst of an ongoing war on Cybertron, the forces of good and evil clash as they search for the source of their power; The Allspark. This may not be what the life they imagined, but its a life worth fighting for!

Official Synopsis

The footage that arrived on Saturday offered a glimpse into Chapter One of the new series called Siege. The Six 22-Minute episodes begins in the Final Hours of the Civil War on Cybertron, home of the Transformers’ is in ruin and torn asunder, Megatron seeks to use Cybertron’s source of all life and power, the Allspark to reboot the battle-weary Autobots in order to unify his people. Led by Optimus Prime, he and his team orchestrate a series of counterstrikes that could prevent them from saving their planet by killing it. Future installments of the series will include Chapter Two subtitled Earthrise, while Chapter Three does not have a title currently but more information will be provided in a later date. Please note that the Promotional Image is provided by TFW 2005, and Anime announcement and cast list provided by EW.


  1. Optimus Prime- Jake Foushee
  2. Megatron- Jason Marnocha
  3. Elita-1 – Linsay Rousseau
  4. Ratchet- Rafael Goldstein
  5. Jetfire- Keith Silverstein
  6. Shockwave, Red Alert- Todd Haberkorn
  7. Ultra Magnus, Soundwave- Edward Bosco
  8. Wheeljack- Bill Rogers
  9. Acree- Sophia Isabella
  10. Impactor- Brook Chalmers
  11. Teletraan I, Cliff Jumper- Miles Luna
  12. Sideswipe, Skywarp- Mark Whitten

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