Here we are, the moment everyone prepared for, Paramount Pictures take on SEGA’s Blue furred mascot: Sonic the Hedgehog. Before I continue onto the review, I would like to let the reader know that this is a Spoiler-Free Review, with respect for people who have not seen the film; our story begins with Sonic being forced to leave his world and lives on the planet Earth, he then befriends a Police officer who has to protect him when the mischievous, Doctor Robotnik has his sights set on Sonic. Can Sonic defeat the Eggman and protect his new friends?

One of the toughest things that were working against the film was making this where people would instantly write it off as not only a kids film but also making it where it would be memorable, in the past, films that were adapted from Video Games didn’t always hit the mark; but then came the 2019 release of Warner Bros and The Pokemon Company’s Detective Pikachu and it would seem that the curse would seemingly be lifted. The beginning of the movie served as two references and it was perfect considering most of the older fans would guess where it was from, Ben Schwartz did a great job voicing as Sonic, it brought back memories of the early days of Jaleel White voicing as our favorite Blue Blur.


James Marsden isn’t a stranger in starring in film adaptions, take for example his role in Marvel’s X-Men as Scott Summers/ Cyclops, or DC Comics’ Superman Returns as Perry White‘s Nephew and Lois Lane‘s Fianceé named Richard White. With James’ humor and quick wit is on par with Veteran Actor/Comedian Jim Carrey as he goes toe to toe with the evil doctor, speaking of being on par, actresses, Tika Sumpter, and Natasha Rothwell is a great Comedy duo; Tika as Tom’s wife and Natasha as Rachel’s sister.

Entertainment Earth
Doctor Robotnik

Jim Carrey’s performance as Doctor Robotnik was perfect, it was clear to see he channeled his performance as Ace Ventura for this role, perhaps a darker version of the detective but nevertheless, when it came to the Doctor’s arrogance and ego it was spot on, a reminder of his portrayal in the cartoon series, and both Archie and IDW Comic series. There were countless references in this film of Sonic’s games and media appearances it was hard to keep track, but don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you all. Just stick around for the Credits, you won’t be disappointed!

Final Grade:


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