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In September, I reviewed one of the first four issues that Milestone Media had published about a Superhero Teen called Static, now I am going to review another title from Milestone called Icon, about a being from another world who takes the form of an African American man named Arnus, but he poses as the grandson of the man who first found him; while his abilities are invulnerability, super strength, and flight. He partners with a girl named Raquel Ervin, who was inspired by his abilities. With his alien technology, powers, and her cunning intellect they become a crime-fighting duo, Icon and Rocket!

Variant Comics: The History of Icon

As the story begins we learn that an alien crashed onto Earth in the year 1839, the ship transforms him into the likeness of the first being it sees, a Black woman, she retrieves the child. As time goes by, we see him grow into a man, Augustus Freeman IV, who he is the Great Grandson of his original identity; he became a lawyer, wondering what else he can do to help people. Like most superhero comics, it isn’t always about just the hero, we meet the other star of this story, Rocket (Raquel Ervin) who is amazed and inspired by Augustus’ power and it inspires her to help people and stop crime. The writer, Dwayne McDuffie (who is well known for his work in Marvel, DC Comics both in publishing and on television, and other animated series like the Ben Ten Franchise.) has always done a great job in


As for Augustus/Arnus, this is also a journey, here he is with these powers similar to Superman but is described as more of a “Stiff” than anything, while others described him as a “Sell out” due to his job as a Corporate Lawyer. After meeting Raquel after an attempted robbery, and listened to her plea and looked over her designs for their costumed identities; but he also had kept this power a secret for the longest time, he finally realizes that this could be the way he can help people but with every journey usually meets with conflict and a need to change in ideology.

Image Credit: Milestone Media

While discussing the accomplishments of Dwayne McDuffie and his amazing legacy, let’s also discuss the team behind bringing Icon to life, artist M.D. Bright (well known for his work Marvel’s GI. Joe: A Real American Hero, Power-Man and Iron Fist, and Quantum And Woody.) Does a great job on this first issue, one of the things that stick out is his detail to anatomy and detail when it comes to emotion, Inker Mike Gustovich is another well-known artist in this all-star line-up, he was working in comics ever since the 80s and produced artwork for several publishers Marvel and DC at that time, Mike’s inking work does great in bringing out the detail of M.D.’s work to life. As far as this goes, this is a great story for people who are new to comic books, still holds up today, and it is a relatable story, below with the Grade I usually give for what I review is something to share as well in relation to the story; a trailer for the latest project by David Kirkman and his company, WokeNation Entertainment about Milestone’s hero, Icon.

Final Grade:

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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